Human and enviornment

I named my blog as human and ‘ ? ’dsc_0204

I will record what I experience during my university life in Kingston, and then write an article which is the connected with human itself with some drawing works. In my opinion, we could definitely find out a connection with everything, as we are living in an environment which was built by human.

I’m now reading an inspiring book-’Creative Confidence’, which I received in my first class. My favorite quota is: There’s no word in the Tibetan language for “creativity” or “being creative.” The closest translation is “natural”.

While been socialised, we sometimes forgot that we are born with creativity and restrict ourselves. Take myself as an example, I loved drawing till 17.18 years old, than ‘restricted’ by myself, as I was told it was useless for my career, although I could create a whole story book when I was in Kindergarten.

This week I would like to start my first blog with a topic: ‘human and environment’.

In the welcome week, we read an article on IKEA’s website and discussed what ‘home’ means for us.

Personally, home is a place that is filled with everything you are familiar with, even merely a pen, a book, or a cup of tea. When one got the memories in ‘home’, the place will be not only a place. It will be a specific space with countless experience in one’s life.

However, from a broader perspective, the earth is also our ‘home’. As people who live in urban area, we sometimes forgot that the ground under our feet, are actually connected with every corners in the earth.

There is an amazing work in Tate. The details are as follow:


  • Artist: Tony Cragg
  • Name of the work: Stake (1975)
  • Original work could also be seem on his website (under category 1970-1979):

‘While making Stake, Cragg randomly accumulated miscellaneous objects and materials, which he ordered into a solid, geometric structure, showing the interconnection of raw and fabricated materials in a landscape shaped over time by mankind. Stake demonstrated Cragg’s interest in humanity’s impact on nature through industry, science and technology; and the evolution of organic and man-made landscape.’ – Explanation in Tate. 

As we design our home, we shape the earth as we like. We fill it with building, highways, and ourselves. However, not everyone in this ‘big home’ needs them. There are still various creatures in this home, yet the space is limited, and the space for the rest of creatures is deprived.

It would be great if I could do anything for this issue in this following year. Art is a simple, but effective way to reflect the problems nowadays. I will also share some interesting collections or exhibitions in the future!

Human and enviornment

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