Frieze Art Fair London 2016 – Chi-Wen Gallery

the pamphlet and newspaper for Frieze Art Fair.

On 8th October, I visited Frieze Art Fair London and had a impressive experience there!

Before visiting the Frieze, I did some research and I was so excited that my country-Taiwan, is one of the newcomers this year!! As I arrived at the Fair, immediately I visited the booth of Chi-Wen Gallery (其玟畫廊), one of Taiwan’s leading galleries.

Here is an article from Taiwanese media→●

Today, I would like to introduce a great video work represented by Taiwanese artist, Yin-Ju Chen (陳瀅如).

It is an amazing thing that people may have an empathy for the philosophy from different space, different time. From an audience’s perspective, it is a video with a very ‘eastern’ philosophy, yet the first thing I saw was a quotation from Schopenhauer, the great German philosopher!

‘Man can do what he wills, but he cannot will what he wills’ -Schopenhauer

In order to present the relationship between the macrocosm and the microcosm, states and the universe, three-channel screen was used. Sometimes we saw the results of the consequent interaction, while we do not know the rules behind it, as the universe is too great to understand.

These are some scenes from video and details:

  • Artist : Yin-Ju Chen
  • Title : Action at a Distance
  • Duration : 9min 16sec
  • Year : 2015


 All Copyright belongs to Chi-Wen Gallery

‘Action at a Distance is a three-channel synchronized video installation that draws parallels between traumas to the body and to society. Combining a range of archival imagery of surgery and laboratory experiments, depictions of astronomy, astrology and quantum mechanics, and footage of government crack-downs on public protest in Asia, it reflects on the interconnectedness of actions from the subatomic, through the macrocosmic, to the universal.’  -according to the description in Chi-Wen Gallery’s booth.

In eastern philosophy, we believe that everything is running based on a rule of universe. That is why Chinese people call human body as a ‘small universe’ and believe that people should act according to the time. For example, 11 PM~1 AM is the best time to sleep, as it is a golden time to eliminate toxic element in the body.

Also see relevant article→●

Moreover, in our tradition, people believe in ‘auspicious day’, and that is why people would choose a good day for specific event, such as marriage, moving entombing, even for cutting hair and travelling! Of course, people nowadays don’t trust the Mysticism as in the past, but it is still a good example that we believe ‘Everything has its rule’.

In brief, I really enjoy this art fair. How lucky I am that I could attend such as a big art fair like this!!

The only pity is that the time was not enough. In order to understand the meaning behind, art, especially contemporary one, should be explained. I believe that every art work has its meaning. Hence, I will definitely spend much time on talking with people or artist next time!

Finally, I really appreciate Chi-Wen Huang, the director of the Gallery. It is a great pleasure for me to talk with her at booth. She provided me a lot of helpful information about this great work!

After reading this blog, don’t forget to visit their official website to see more details!

Frieze Art Fair London 2016 – Chi-Wen Gallery

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