Reflection of Dragons’ Den (9th December )

Dragons’ Den is one of the important presentations in the first term. (Well, not the TV show. It’s a presentation without money but honour!) After finding problems, testing assumption with people, and creating prototype, the next step is of course presenting our idea and get the feedbacks!


Here’s what and how we prepared for such an important event!

●What we took to the presentation that day:

(1) Ptototypes

So far, we created 3 different prototypes in total. As a product presentation, apparently, we are supposed to show the final version. However, the process is extreme important. If you take the 1st and 2nd prototypes with you, then when people ask why you changed the design (or features), it would be easier to demonstrate and explain.

(2) Inforgraphic of our journey

Story telling is important. How to engage people into your story is important. In order to achieve this goal, visualising is a great way to make it simple. We created an inforgraphic which shows our whole journey so far, and what we are planning to do in the future. 2 colours were used to present the time before/after the pivot.

(3) Inforgraphic of our competitors

While preparing this presentation, we did research for our competitors (including brands’ names, photos of products, price, and similar features). Hence, it would be easier to explain how we set our price.

(4) Business cards

Business cards with 4 members’ name, contact number and e-mail. Although it is like a ‘warm up’ for the final one, we wanted to make it as formal as possible.

(5) Display

We prepared plants and tablecloth as display, and printed out our logo. We dressed with black and white (just like the colours of tablecloth). Display is not the key point of presentation, However, creating an specific atmosphere for brand (or for the product itself) helps audiences understand the brand’s characteristics.

What else we did:

(1) Predicting question:

We predicted what question might be asked and classified them into several groups (costs, advertising and marketing strategy, feature and design….ect ). Then, allocating team members’ responsibility to answer question could show the professional attitude.

(2) Calculating time:

There is always a time limit for a presentation. In some situations, the presentation will be stopped if it goes too long. Moreover, a good presentation always has good points, not merely a long time.

(3) Interaction between your team members

Everyone knows team work is the most essential part as a group, and the fact is, we spent much time working with each other. However, when we are on the stage, sometimes we only talk by ourselves and the different parts are not very connected. Hence we decided to do some interactions while the other member presenting (For instance demonstrating the product).

Dragons’ Den is an amazing opportunity for us to practice presenting our idea, and the feedbacks are helpful as well. I believe that all of us learnt a lot from it, and it will definitely make our next time better!

Me and the other 2 members – Arturo and Celina 🙂
Reflection of Dragons’ Den (9th December )

One thought on “Reflection of Dragons’ Den (9th December )

  1. […] The module is finished, but I believe-for everyone, the influence is permanent. We learnt how to collaborate with people we just knew, we tried to find the solution with limited time and resources, we challenged ourselves in different ways. Some people were afraid of speaking in front of audiences but they always did well; some people learnt new skills in order to overcome the crisis. For me, the biggest lesson learnt is preparing a presentation, like Dragon’s Dan […]


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