Experiences of attending social networking events

In order to build more connection with startupers and people from industries, I attended some social networking event. In the beginning, I didn’t like to attend this kind of event, and didn’t feel comfortable to use social media, such as LinkedIn, Blog and Twitter.

I feel comfortable to meet new people and make friends. However, obviously, I thought attending the social event is always having a purpose, especially people who are in business area. I would prefer to treat people as ‘friend’ rather than ‘Contact’. In this course (especially design thinking for start-up), we are encouraged to challenge many new things that we have never done before. Meeting people on networking event is also one of them.

After many times, I found attending these kinds of events is actually interesting and it does help me to build our start-up company.

Through social event, we could get more contacts, partners, customers, investors and raise our Recognition. (Also see: Why Is It Important For Startups To Attend Events? )

For instance, In January, I attended Trigger KU, which is an event where gathC3P_u12WcAEdcAGered people who are willing to run a start-up or who are already running a start-up together. We met a girl whose major is fashion and she helped us improve the design. Although we only worked together for once, it still made me think differently. Also, personally, I really like to meet people with their dreams and passion. It encourages me and makes me believe that we are not fighting alone.

Another one which affected me a lot is ‘Spotlight on Marketing, Communications and PR’ on 20th Feb.

The main reason that I decided to attend this event is that I haven’t had any experience meeting alumni from business school. This event is extremely well-organised and helpful, especially the one-on-one speed interview and talking with alumni and some people from outside the university. The event started with a short introduction of each alumnus, and then the time for Q&A started.

During the Q&A section, our alumni told us ‘passion’ is the most important thing in your career. Despite if we have relevant experience, we could still apply for jobs as long as we show our passion. One lady suggested us, we could comment on relevant magazine articles or advertisements during an interview to convince interviewers that we still have plenty of knowledge to get into this business world. It is important to adjust the mindset: not ‘I want a job, please hire me’, but ‘I’m really interested in this area, can we talk more about this?’ Also, they suggested using our dissertation as an opportunity to develop the connection.

In one-on-one talking part, I talked with 3 people.C5Yb8hUWAAUsHdJ

I asked their opinions about social media and social network. I was not very
comfortable with it, and I didn’t ask for building connections on social media channels unless I know that person from my real life. Whereas, a lady told me actually they are also happy to meet new comers with passion. Hence do not hesitate because of the imagination in my mind. The second one I told with asked me a question: ‘How do you want to be in 20 years?’ I answered ‘Being a good person.’ I answered that because in the beginning of the semester I was once about to quit the course (which I’m glad that I didn’t) The reason is advertising was somehow cheating for me, and I didn’t want to persuade costumers to buy something they don’t really need. Surprisingly, she had a similar experience before, and it made me relieved that I am not the only one who doubt myself if I suit this industry.

Overall, I really enjoyed these events. Especially this event is only for marketing student then we could ask more deep questions about our career. They are not only just for social purpose now, but also great opportunities to rethink my values, to plan my future in more details and learn the life experiences from others.

Experiences of attending social networking events

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