User-centered design

P1230028While using a product, have you ever considered these questions: How did the designer design this product? How did people manufacture it in reality? And how does this product add value in my life?

If you did think about these questions, you will definitely enjoy this exhibition.

A few weeks ago I visited the design museum, where I visited an amazing exhibition ‘Designer Maker User’. As the name of the exhibition, there are three categories in the design process. This exhibition is informative, relevant to our life and more over – experiential.

Designer, maker and user. These three groups seem different while they affect one another. Everyone can be a user, designer and maker are users as well.P1230025

This exhibition made me rethink the nature of design thinking. When I searched some relevant information, I found another interesting framework-User-centered design. User-centered design (UCD) is a process (not restricted to interfaces or technologies) in which the needs, wants, and limitations of end users of a product, service or process are given extensive attention at each stage of the design process.

‘The difference from other product design philosophies is that user-centered design tries to optimize the product around how users can, want, or need to use the product, rather than forcing the users to change their behavior to accommodate the product’ (by Wikipedia)

User-centered Design: Aga Szóstek at TEDxWarsaw

The concept is so similar to design thinking, both user-centred design and design thinking is about putting yourself in the shoes of the user. As what I understood, design thinking focus on the solution to the problem which users have, and user-centred design focus more on human interaction.

On this article ‘DESIGN THINKING OR USER CENTRED DESIGN? SAME?’ by Pegasus describes the differences of the process.

Design Thinking Process: understand→observe→Point-of-view→ideate→prototype→test

Human-centred design process: Identify needs→context of use→specify requirements→ideation conception→prototype&test

There’s also a very good blog I just read by Marine Barbaroux ‘Untangling UX, part 1: Design Thinking vs UCD’ Her point of view is ‘Design Thinking” is one specific implementation within the UCD framework.’

Anyway, lately I found design thinking is not only a method, but also a mindset.  Always consider your customer as a user, not only a buyer. We design for solving the problem and accommodate to human needs, not just for profit.

User-centered design

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