Of the human, by the human, for the human

This is my final blog post about my course. Don’t get me wrong. I will continue this blog, but I finally came out with some thoughts that what I learnt from the whole journey-not the journey about Kingston university, not the journey about my startup, nor my marketing and advertising classes, but about me, Halyn, as a person.

I wrote another blog 2 weeks ago, which is my reflective essay for my design thinking module. In that essay, I mentioned that in the beginning, I found the gap between what I was learning and what I want to do. Today, when I was taking a train back to Kingston, I suddenly realised that what is the most important thing in this course. And I desperately want to write them down.

Knowledge vs. Wisdom

What is the difference between knowledge and wisdom?

The stuffs we learnt from the university are knowledge. Such as advertising theory, marketing strategy and how to run a startup.

They are precious knowledge. However, don’t stop there when you got all of them, try to find the connection behind them, and the deeper meaning for you.

London, an amazing city with people with diverse background, in where every new element you reached and new difficulty you overcame make you rethink of yourself and the relation between you and others.

In past 8 months, I experienced much more than the total amount of past 2 years.

I adapted new culture and new value; I done the assignment while getting homesick; I experienced happiness, sadness, and extremely depression. I learnt how to appreciate; I learnt how to make my voice be heard; I learnt how to face myself-then eventually, I found everything I experienced has its meaning.

As we always told in the classes-you have to understand your customers; you should learn more about your users. However, don’t forget, before being ‘customer’ or ‘user’, we are all ‘human’.

The most important thing I learnt is understanding human behaviour. More precisely, understanding humanity. These experiences made me understand more about the other people’s thoughts, and helped me put myself in others’ shoes.

That’s why I name this post this way: ‘Of the human, by the human, for the human.’

It refers to the experiences and connections between us. As the design thinking process, we always have assumptions in our mind (could be opinions, thoughts or values), and we go to the real life and test those assumptions through the interactions between people, and then we get the feedbacks from others then rethink about ourselves. We are an individual, while building a cycle, which connects each other.

There is no theory or any academic materials in this blog post; it is 100% the reflection of my mind.

In last September, I named my blog as ‘Human and ‘?’’, since I planned to discover the relations between human and the other things. Now I would still leave the ‘?’ there, but not because I didn’t find the answer, but because of the conclusion I got-keep being open-mind, accepting what happens to you and turning everything into the better you-the better, ideal you.

I cherish every day in London, because I know-everything I experience here, will be the element of the ‘new me’.

 ‘Education is what remains after one has forgotten everything he learned in school.’

Through these past 8 months, I think I understand the final purpose of education.

So, it is my last blog about my course; but it’s not the end, but the new start with a new mindset.


Of the human, by the human, for the human

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