Maritiman Museum review (Gothenburg, Sweden)

Hi there! I haven’t posted for a while since  I got a part time job lately and took a short trip to Gothenburg, Sweden. I visited some museums and history heritages there and would like to share some experiences with you!P1230438

Maritiman, the first museum I went in Gothenburg. I would say, it is a must-see museum! The ticket price is 100 SEK (about £10, it totally worth) and the visit time was about 3 hours, even 2 of the vessels were closed that day.


螢幕擷取畫面 (321)
The weather was quite bad. It rained heavily, but also enhance the atmosphere of the hard navy life.


Here’s a video (Although I don’t understand Swedish at all), you can see how it looks like.

The museum’s collection comprises 19 vessels, where visitors can walk inside almost every corner in the vessels. Every room is well-designed and informative. People can visit the kitchen, bedroom, toilet, operation room, and even the engine room.


You will get a map calls ‘Sea Passport’ after paying the fee. It was a shame that No.6 (Cargo vessel) was close that day.
Walk closer to the harbour, there are already some collections on the ground. Here’s 29 CM gun M/69, which is the first breech-loaded and rifled gun type in the Swedish Navy.

I was amazed by the well-designed experiences in this museum.

In experiential marketing, some scholars suggest that ‘tunnel experience’ could be used in museums, andvMaritimann totally proofs that. In ‘Destroyer’ (HMS Småland), the largest destroyer ship in Scandinavia, we had a typical tunnel experience, which also is called a kind of ‘Near-death experience.

When I walked into a room in a submarine, where filled with torpedoes, suddenly we heard an announcement in Swedish. We didn’t understand the contents but the following sounds explained the everything-simulated disaster. The sounds of explosion and crush can be heard. When we stood in a room with military stuff with the faint light, it really made us feel we’re facing an extreme situation.


螢幕擷取畫面 (320)
The interior of the museum. Almost every part of the vessel was open and visitors can clearly understand the routine life decades ago.


When we talk about ‘experiences for customers’, some people might directly link it to the experience of pleasure, the delightful experience. However, on the other hand, the ‘shocking’ experience could be also a selling point. That is why so many people like to go to amusement park-to scream! It leave an deep impression in visitors’ mind, and when we rethink of this visit, we would definitely recall the sound of the announcement, the humidity of the air, and the torpedoes through the weak light.

I have written some blogs about experiential marketing in museums, and I think Maritiman is one of the best examples, which combines education and entertainment, then leave an unprecedented experience in visitors’ mind.

Also click here to read my past post ‘Making Museums experiential’.

Maritiman Museum review (Gothenburg, Sweden)

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