Testing assumption (Man on the Street Interview)

I clearly recall that one day on a Design thinking class, Janja, our director told us ‘talk to people’ is much more important than doing research in front of the desk. In order to apply Bright Idea, we complete our prototype and go on the street to get feedback from people. Our idea came up with solving a problem for older generation. However, after 2 times of assumption testing, we got the totally results.

Through our interview process, I found some interesting facts:

 1. Setting the location and time that people might talk with you.

After discussion, we decided to do interview in a department store. Since the weather is too cold and people might not want to spend much time standing on the street and talk with strangers. We also considered the time element. For instance, if we wanted to talk with people who travel to work every day, then we shouldn’t stop them when they are in hurry in the morning.

For me, considering these slight differences is also essential as a part of ‘Design thinking’, since we should always care what users think.

2.Identifying people who are willing to talk with us is the most difficult step, but the most crucial one.

3.Telling a story would evoke people’s attention.

At the second time we tested assumption, we talked with a lady. We showed her our prototype at first and then started talking about our idea. However, she said that it’s a good idea but she might still use her original product.

Hence we changed the strategy. We started with a story (What we were inspired by and how we combined the existing product with our MVP) then showed them our MVP. Surprisingly, almost EVERYONE said that it is interesting and might buy it.

People were willing to give us their Email address and give us feedback in the future. At first, I was afraid of talking with people since I didn’t know the appropriate distance between people. However, it was not difficult as I expected as long as we approach them with politeness and respect. There were 3 things that I learnt from interviewing people, and I believe these experiences are precious during our learning process.

Testing assumption (Man on the Street Interview)

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